Clogged drains are much more common in Tyler, TX in the summer than any other season.  This is because people tend to entertain more often and have guests.  There are some things you can do to make sure that your drains don’t clog, and your guests have the guidelines about the plumbing in your home.

  1. Educate with posted lists. Instead of having uncomfortable conversations about the plumbing system in your home, post a brief note by your sinks and toilets that have a few reminders for the people in your home.
  2. When you have a barbecue over the weekend, make sure that the trash can is outside so that you know people are throwing away the waste instead of putting it down your kitchen sink. If you let other’s clean up, have a note by your sink about proper garbage disposal usage.
  3. Keep a small grease can and a compost bucket by your sink so that people don’t put vegetable peels and grease down your sink. If you don’t like hanging instructions for your garbage disposal and drains, you can use labels to get the message across as well.
  4. Store a plunger in each bathroom and under your kitchen sink for any clogged drains. If you have guests, they’ll be able to find them and use them discretely.  They can let you know about the clog after the event at your home.
  5. Use strainers over your drains, so debris, food, and hair don’t go down the drain. With more guests, there are more chances for clogged drains in the bathroom.  Install strainers in your sinks and have trash cans easily accessible for dumping out the hair and debris.
  6. Close the doors to your bathrooms if small children are in your home, so they aren’t tempted to throw toys into your toilet or down your other drains. If they can open the doors, childproof locks are much more inexpensive than plumbing repairs!

Harvey Plumbing in Tyler, TX, is available for drain cleaning services this summer.  If you have problems with clogs or want a clean plumbing system before your guests show up, call us to schedule your drain cleaning.

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