Homeowners all over the Tyler, TX area are considering their options when it comes to new water heater systems for their homes. The traditional option is a tank-based system that heats water and keeps it stored in a large tank, typically situated in a basement or utility closet. These appliances are the standard across the country when it comes to residential hot water systems, but new tankless configurations are becoming more popular.

How Does Tankless Water Heating Work?

The premise of a tankless water heater is simple: it provides hot water on demand using a powerful heating element that’s smaller than a hot water storage tank. Instead of filling the tank every time hot water is used, the tankless system only engages when someone in the house activates a hot water faucet.

What Are the Benefits of a Tankless System?

Tankless water heaters provide a space-saving alternative to typical water heater tanks. They are ideal for smaller homes and efficiency apartments with one or two residents. In most cases, tankless water heater systems offer savings on energy bills as well as they do not run as long or as often as tank-based water heaters. While tank-based systems need to refill after each hot water use, a tankless system will only run while a resident has a hot water faucet engaged.

Are There Drawbacks to This Kind of System?

Tankless water heater systems are efficient and reliable, and there aren’t so many drawbacks but rather compatibility issues with these systems. Primarily, they do not work well in large homes unless the homeowner installs multiple units. For example, one unit may provide hot water to the kitchen and ground level bathroom while another provides hot water to the second-floor bathrooms. There are many possible configurations, and it’s important for homeowners to work with experienced plumbers when they want to change up their water heater systems.

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