Water Testing, Treatment & Filtration

Water Treatment & Filtration Services in Tyler Tx

Water Treatment is anything that treats the water so that it is safe for use. If you are interested in a filtration system or whole house water treatment installation, Harvey Plumbing is glad to consult with you about options for your home. We will ask you what your needs and wants are for water treatment in your home and try to match a system to your budget. When you know your water is safer to use, it makes all the difference in the world.

The Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

  • Your water will taste great! Filtration systems are designed to remove chlorine, contaminates, and bacteria found in your water. Nobody wants to drink bad water, and you probably shouldn’t. With a water filtration system, you will feel great about drinking the water in your home.
  • The water doesn’t smell bad. A water filtration system will remove the nasty smells from your water. No more chlorine smell coming out of your faucet!
  • You can get a filter that removes lead from your water. Lead can cause major health issues and congenital disabilities!
  • No more bottles! You can save the planet and save more of your money because you won’t have to purchase bottled water.
  • Chlorine is bad for you! Many people don’t realize that the chlorine that is in their water can cause different cancers and other health problems. Always choose a filtration system that eliminates the chlorine in your water.
  • A filtration system can restore the pH balance to your water.
  • Clean water is good for your body! Everybody needs to drink water. It seems like nobody drinks enough, which is probably because the tap water is dirty. With a filtration system, you can finally drink all you want.
  • You can remove bacteria from your water that cause illnesses in your intestines.
  • You can eliminate parasites that live in your tap water with a filtration system.
  • Your current water may have barium and arsenic in it. These are toxic metals that you can filter out and have healthier water to consume.
  • A filtration system can get rid of pesticides and fungicides found in the water in some homes.
  • If you water your plants with the water from your home they won’t die. Many times, the water out of a home will kill a garden or lawn. This is because of all of the toxins and chlorine found in the water.

Whole House Water Treatment Installation

After you have filtered water in one area of the house, you may start wondering why you still shower in toxic water or brush your teeth with the water that isn’t filtered in the bathroom? If the water in your home has toxins, bacteria, and chlorine in it, and you use it in the shower, it could affect your skin or even your teeth! A whole house water treatment installation from Harvey Plumbing can help you get great water out of every faucet in your home.

A whole house water treatment system is excellent for those who are always worried about water quality. You will also notice that there is less accumulation of water particles on everything. The odd film or smell that your chlorinated water leaves on your dishes will be gone.

More Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration:

  • Your clothes will look brighter! Your water will be fresh and without chlorine, so your clothes won’t fade as much.
  • Your hair and skin won’t have contaminants on them. You will feel cleaner because everything is washing away.
  • The pipes and appliances in your home will last longer. You won’t have to worry about water residue.
  • Cleaner silverware! Those spots and watermarks are left by the stuff that is in your water. Now, you won’t have to rewash something to use it.
  • Your bathtub and shower won’t have as much film on them. That means less water usage to be clean.
  • You will save money. The cleaner your water is, the cleaner your home will be. You will end up using less water because it is clean and fresh.
  • You will know that you are providing yourself and your family with healthy water.

Whether you are looking for a small filtration system or whole house treatment, we can help you with all of your water safety needs in Tyler, TX. Contact us to discuss the benefits of filtering the water in your home or office.