The holidays are usually a time for season’s greetings, guests, and giving in most households. There is nothing more helpful than to give your guests plumbing that works great so that you can avoid holiday disasters.

  • Toilets overflowing are one of the biggest holiday plumbing problems. Place plungers and drain instructions on by each toilet and sink in your house.  Your guests will appreciate you for leaving instructions and being as discreet as possible about how to handle the plumbing in your home.  Don’t forget to have trash cans by each toilet in your house as well!  If you have an older house with typical plumbing problems, then your guests will appreciate everything you did to prepare the bathroom for them.
  • A broken garbage disposal is never fun during a holiday event. Make sure that your garbage disposal is working well, and you have a grease can,  a trash bin, and a compost bin in your kitchen so that it is easy to dispose of everything in the proper places.
  • Hair clogging a bathroom sink or shower can be an unpleasant situation for your guests. Get sink filters for all the drains in your house.  The strainers will keep debris from being washed down the sink.
  • Sewage backing up into your home while you have guests or holiday events can destroy everything the event. Get your drains cleaned before your guests get to your house so that you know your plumbing system is in good condition.
  • If your water heater goes out in your Tyler, Texas, home, then your guests may end up staying at a hotel instead of your house for the rest of the holiday events. Get your water heater inspected before your guests arrive to make sure that it is going to be able to handle the added work.

Contact Harvey Plumbing to make sure that these plumbing disasters do not happen at your home this holiday season.


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