The sewer line is the last thing most homeowners think of unless they’ve had to have one replaced or repaired.  To avoid having to have your sewer line replaced, preventative maintenance is ideal.  There are a few things you can turn into habits that will give you confidence that you are doing everything you can to take care of your home’s plumbing.  Repairs can still happen, but you will probably notice when something goes wrong if you are taking action against clogs.

  1. Grease is something that will slowly build up along the walls of your pipes and cause a clog over time. Instead of pouring oil or grease down a drain, use a grease can and dispose of it in the trash once it solidifies.  Also, avoid vegetable peels and coffee grounds in your garbage disposal to keep it running well.
  2. If you plant trees, make sure they aren’t close to your sewer or water lines. You should also have the roots avoid all your other utilities if they are underground.  Consult with a landscaper and a plumber before you plant large trees, to make sure the root system has enough space to spread out without damaging anything underground.  Consider trees with root systems that don’t spread out as much as other trees.
  3. Fill up your sinks and bathtubs with hot water once a month and then pull the plug, the weight of the water will push through debris, and the heat will allow buildup to melt off and flow through the pipes.
  4. Put signs around your home in Tyler, TX, to remind people what they should and shouldn’t put down the drains.
  5. Have regular drain maintenance done, so that your drains and sewer line are cleaned at least once a year. With drain cleaning, you shouldn’t have major clogs that back up sewage into your home.

Harvey Plumbing in Tyler, TX, has experienced plumbers to help with all the plumbing maintenance on your calendar.  Contact us to discuss a preventative maintenance plan today!


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