Winter in Tyler, Texas, can be mild or harsh depending on the year.  When preparing for storms and freezing temperatures, it is critical to make sure that the plumbing in your home will withstand the weather.  There are a few DIY tips for homeowners to stay ready in the winter, or you can get assistance winterizing your pipes from a qualified technician.

  1. Make sure all your pipes are well insulated. If a storm starts and you don’t have time to insulate your pipes, heat the areas that house your plumbing.  Open the cabinets that have plumbing inside of them so that the heat can get to them and use heaters in your basement and garage if there are exposed pipes in unheated areas.
  2. If you have slow drains, call to have your pipes cleaned out. Clean pipes are less likely to freeze than clogged pipes.
  3. If temperatures reach freezing and you have plumbing or appliances in your garage, don’t use it until the temperatures are back above freezing.
  4. Keep your thermostat at a higher setting during the day and evening. Instead of turning your thermostat down while everyone sleeps, keep it a little higher until the cold spell is done.
  5. If you are leaving home and know that temperatures will be freezing while you are gone, shut off your water at the main valve and drain your pipes. Keep your heat on while you are gone so that your house is protected from the freezing temperatures.
  6. Insulate the coldest areas of your home. These areas include crawl spaces, attics, and basements.  Insulating these areas can also help the drafts in your home not be so bad.
  7. Check your windows and doors to make sure they seal correctly, so that cold air doesn’t get into your home in the winter. Check the areas around your plumbing as well and seal off any drafty places.
  8. Make sure your drains are cleaned regularly, so there aren’t clogs that freeze in your pipes. If you have debris in your pipes, it is easier for them to freeze and burst.

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