There’s something about older homes that modern homes don’t seem to possess. They have that intangible quality we call character. It may be something unique, like a wrap-around balcony. It could be something both beautiful and practical, like built-in shelving. It could be something mysterious and a little spooky like a hidden staircase.

Regardless of how much character your home has, older homes also tend to come with more challenges than new homes. Unfortunately, plumbing is nearly always one of them. When you purchased the home, updated plumbing may not have been foremost on your mind. Here are some common plumbing issues of older homes you may have to face – though they are worth it!

Galvanized Piping

This is a problem that is often overlooked by the seller and the purchaser. Some older pipes are coated in zinc, a metal known to erode and cause pipes to weaken. When this happens, it can cause loss of water pressure, leaks, and clogged toilets and drains.

Poor Homeowner Plumbing Repairs

Saving money is always on a homeowner’s mind. Many will try to fix plumbing problems on their own rather than pay a professional. This is only a good idea if you know how to perform the repair you are attempting. Otherwise, it leads to further problems. With those problems come more expenses. Generally, a professional handling your plumbing issues will save you time and money.

Shifting Pipes and Drains

The foundation of older homes shifts over the years, which means any pipes or drains located within the slab foundation will have shifted with it. This can easily cause leaks in pipes and drains to stop up because the pipes are no longer fitted properly. Most plumbing professionals can do a slab leak detection test to determine if this is the case.

No matter what plumbing dilemma your older home may be suffering, Harvey Plumbing has the solution. Let us bring your older home back up to code.