Sewer Line Service & Repair

Sewer Line Repair Services in Tyler, TX

If you have troubles with your sewer system, it is not fun at all. At Harvey Plumbing, we provide you with the fastest sewer line repair possible. If we can’t repair your sewer line, we will offer our sewer line replacement and installation services.

A sewer line becomes damaged because of a variety of problems. Once we look at the sewer line, we will be able to tell you what kind of services and parts are needed to repair the line.

Why is Your Sewer Line Damaged?

  • If your sewer system hasn’t had good maintenance, the lack of care can cause your sewer line to become damaged.
  • There can be a build-up of many items in your sewer line. Items that cause a major clog can be hair, grease, oil, toilet paper, and other products. A clog in your sewer line is most likely a combination of many things.
  • Natural Disasters. Sometimes you may need to have your sewer line repaired because of an earthquake that you never felt! Earthquakes can sometimes be so small that you can’t feel them, but they can still cause damage underground.
  • An aging sewer line won’t hold up as well as a new one. The sewer line on your property may be too old to repair the damage, so we would have to replace it with a new one.
  • There is an issue with the city’s sewer line, and it is backed up into your sewer line.

Is Your Sewer Line Broken?

  • If your toilet is gurgling or making other odd noises, you could have a broken sewer line.
  • If the water in your toilets keeps disappearing, your sewer line might be broken.
  • You have a sewer odor outside, in your home, or your basement. A sewer small could mean that you have an extensive problem.
  • Your yard is flooded, but it didn’t rain! It is likely that one of your lines broke and is seeping into your yard.
  • The grass is greener around your sewer pipe. The cause for the greener gas is that your pipe is leaking and feeding the grass above it.
  • You have sewer backed up in your bathroom tub or toilet. This severe of a back-up usually means that you need to repair or replace your sewer line.
  • Your bathtub will not drain. It could be a very slow drain, or it may completely stop flowing. The water standing still could be a clog or a break in your line.

Sewer Line Installation

If you are building a new home in Tyler, TX, we can help with all of your sewer line installation needs. Our professional plumbers with arrive on time and give you an estimate for your new sewer system.

Sewer Line Replacement

You may live in an older home and have a sewer system with extensive damage to your sewer line. Harvey Plumbing can get rid of your old sewer line and replace it if we can’t repair the damage.

Reasons Why Your Sewer Line Needs to be Replaced:

  • Your sewer line can’t be repaired. If we can’t repair the line, we will have to replace it with a new one.
  • Sometimes there is too much corrosion to fix a sewer line, so we would need to replace it with a new one.
  • Tree Roots can cause a sewer line to be unrepairable. If the damage from the tree roots is extensive, you will have to get a new line.
  • The existing pipes are not good quality, or they are too old to salvage.
  • Bad soil conditions. Your pipe may be broken or cracked because it sunk into parts of the ground, which usually creates a pool of waste under it.

Once we figure out the problem with your sewer line, we will be able to tell you what is needed to get it to work correctly again.

If you are having an emergency with your sewer system, Harvey Plumbing is available 24-hours a day to repair or replace your broken sewer line.

We offer a maintenance package that allows you to schedule check-ups and saves you money on additional services with Harvey Plumbing. We will inspect your plumbing system during each check-up so we can catch things that would’ve become emergencies later.