If you live in Tyler, Texas, and want to improve the taste or smell of your water, then consider a water filtration system for your whole home.  A whole-house system filters the water as it comes into your home so that all your water is safe and as healthy as possible.

The Health Benefits of a Water Filtration System:

  1. You won’t be as dehydrated because you will drink more water. If your water is clean and tastes great, you will drink more of it.
  2. If you’ve had a water test, the results may show that there is lead in your tap water, some water filtration systems remove lead. When choosing your system, consider what contaminants are in your water and what the filter removes from the water.
  3. The financial savings can be drastic. If you have a health condition that is worse because of your tap water, then getting a filtration system may mean fewer doctor visits or medication.  You will also save money on bottled water.
  4. A water filtration system can eliminate the chlorine or byproducts of chlorine found in your tap water. While chlorine is used to get rid of many unhealthy things that might be in a public water system, the chlorine itself is linked to many health issues, including several types of cancer.
  5. A water filtration system balances the pH in the tap water. This balance will ensure that you aren’t ingesting water with too high of acidic or basic makeup.
  6. There won’t be as many bacteria in your drinking water.
  7. Your children will drink more water. You will no longer have to give them water in plastic bottles.  If kids can get water out of the faucet, they are more likely to consume more because the supply is more abundant.
  8. You won’t consume as many toxins from the environment that seep into the water system. There are more than 2100 different toxins that can be in drinking water. Eliminating most of these toxins is the goal of having a healthy lifestyle.

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