Do you know the last time your toilet was replaced? If you are a new homeowner, chances are you don’t. Even if you have been in your home for years, you may not remember just when the last time was that you had a new toilet installed. This appliance is one of the most important ones in your home, so it is crucial to be sure it is in prime working condition at all times. Consider these indicators that you may need a new toilet.

  • The “round bowl.” If you have a round toilet bowl, it is likely an older model. Newer, elongated toilet bowls are more comfortable, allow fewer odors to permeate the room, and stay cleaner. If you don’t have an elongated bowl, it is time to think about getting one.
  • Recurring problems. If you have had a lot of necessary repairs in recent years, and you know that your toilet is more than ten years old, it is a sign that you need a new one. Older toilets are less efficient, so in addition to the repair costs, you are paying more for your monthly water bill than you would with a new toilet. Getting a new toilet installed will save you money all around.
  • The “roller coaster.” If you feel your toilet rock side to side or wobble when you are sitting on it, you have a problem. It could be something as small as a few bolts that need tightening, but the floor around the toilet is likely rotted, and you will need a professional plumber to repair the floor and replace the toilet.
  • A cracked tank. If water is puddling around your toilet, it could mean that you have a cracked tank. This is a severe issue, as it will inevitably cause damage to the floor. In some cases, puddled water could also mean you have a crack in the bowl.

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