Fall is here, and that means winter isn’t too far off. Many plumbing problems begin in the fall and manifest in the winter, causing unexpected and possibly urgent situations. Here is a shortlist of some common problems associated with fall and winter weather.

Water Line Leak

Leaks can occur over time in any home, due to shifting foundations or the corroding of older pipes. If you have a water line leak and don’t realize it, the end result will eventually be a burst pipe, which will cause flooding of your home.

Frozen Pipes

Fall and winter holidays usually mean many guests in the home, which can lead to overloaded drains that aren’t used often. This combination of clogged drains with cold weather often causes pipes to burst.

Ruptured Septic Tank

As if a burst water pipe wasn’t bad enough, if the line to your septic tank (or the tank itself) freezes and bursts, you have a much larger problem on your hands. Damaged septic tanks pose a serious health hazard and require an emergency plumbing solution.

Breaks in the Foundation

Poured concrete foundations are common in Texas, with the concrete poured directly over your plumbing pipes. Many natural conditions, from heavy rains to houses settling and shifting over time, can lead to foundational slab breaks. These breaks often lead to water pipe damage, which can eventually become a serious problem.

Water Heater Breakdown

It’s never any fun to wake up to a broken water heater, especially in the fall or winter season. Water heaters usually last only ten years or so and have to work harder in the colder months to heat your water supply, which means that your chances of it breaking in the colder months more than double.

Many of these problems are easily avoided with an annual safety inspection. Call or stop by Harvey Plumbing to schedule your routine checkup.