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Drain Cleaning Services in Tyler

It is frustrating to have a clogged drain in any area of your home. Slow or clogged drains can slow down the way your home functions and make it unbearable to take a shower or do a sink full of dishes. If you need drain cleaning service in Tyler, TX, an expert from Harvey Plumbing can make it a priority to get your home back to proper working order.

Clogged drains can happen for many reasons. The best way to take care of a clogged drain is to keep everything out of the system. This allows for optimal water flow, and nothing is sticking to the pipes to collect other items as they pass by. While we have to put things down the drains, everything should be minimal.

Why Do Drains Get Clogged?

  • A foreign object got washed down a drain. If something gets washed down a drain and gets stuck, it will collect grime, food, and hair until it is a slow drain and eventually a clog.
  • Grease can cause a build-up in your sink that collects other things and eventually becomes solid. This may take a long time, and you should notice a slow drain that needs to be serviced before it becomes a total clog.
  • Toilet paper and feminine products can clog a drain. Some quilted toilet papers won’t disintegrate properly and cause a clog. Baby wipes, paper towels, and other cleaning items can cause a clogged drain too.
  • Certain foods can clog the garbage disposal. Peels, coffee grounds, and other food items can damage and clog a disposal.
  • Some bath and shower items are not water-soluble. These can cause a clog just like grease.
  • Hair is one of the major issues in a shower. There are many products on the market that collect hair before it clogs your drains.

Drains that are repeatedly clogged can be a more significant issue. You may have a more substantial plumbing problem than a clogged drain, or we may need to replace some of your piping so that everything flows properly.

Preventing Clogged Drains

  • Only put small amounts of toilet paper down the toilet. Put everything else in the trash can.
  • Use a hair and food trap over your drains, so nothing goes down them but water. If they are used regularly and kept over the drain, clogs should happen less.
  • Only put the right foods down your garbage disposal. Certain foods can damage your disposal. Read the owner’s manual to see what foods to avoid.
  • Create a compost. You can put your vegetable peels, seeds, and other garbage from fresh vegetables and fruit into compost and make a nutrient-rich covering for your garden and potted plants.
  • Only have professional plumbers work on your drains and pipes. If your plumbing isn’t installed properly, it can cause structural damage from leaks, and you may have more problems with clogging than normal.
  • Don’t put grease or cooking oils down the drain. Save your grease in an old can or milk jug and dispose of it in the trash.
  • Use coffee grounds to fertilize your plants. You can also put them in your compost or throw them in the trash. Some people use coffee grounds as an ingredient in homemade skin products.
  • Use hot water and baking soda to try to wash out any built-up stuff each time you clean your kitchen. Vinegar is also a good way to clean your sink and garbage disposal

You may already take great care of your drains and still get a clog. Sometimes clogged drain repair is a necessary part of living in a home. To avoid a complete clogged drain, you may want to consider a preventative services plan.

Maintenance Agreement Plans in Tyler, TX

Our maintenance agreement plan can help you avoid future clogged drain repair services and other emergencies. You can get regular system services on a schedule, and you shouldn’t need an emergency drain cleaning service. You will get reminders on our hassle-free plan, so you don’t have to worry about remembering when to schedule or wonder about your next service date.

24-Hour Service
If you need your drain serviced right away, we can come and fix it 24-hours a day. If it isn’t an emergency, we will schedule your drain cleaning or recommend someone who can get to you faster. We guarantee that we will arrive on time for our appointment.