• Some Common Plumbing Problems for Older Texas Homes


    There’s something about older homes that modern homes don’t seem to possess. They have that intangible quality we call character. It may be something unique, like a wrap-around balcony. It could be something both beautiful and practical, like built-in shelving. It could be something mysterious a[...]

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  • Fall Preparation Can Avoid Winter Plumbing Emergencies


    Fall is here, and that means winter isn’t too far off. Many plumbing problems begin in the fall and manifest in the winter, causing unexpected and possibly urgent situations. Here is a shortlist of some common problems associated with fall and winter weather. Water Line Leak Leaks can occur over[...]

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  • 3 Steps for Keeping Your Drains Clean


    No one wants to call a plumber because the sink is backed up or the toilet is overflowing. One way you can prevent this emergency phone call is by making regular drain maintenance a part of your household routine. Small steps performed on a regular basis can have a big impact towards keeping your pl[...]

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  • How to Keep Tree Roots from Damaging Your Sewer Lines


    Sewer line problems can be a homeowner nightmare. This plumbing issue lying beneath the ground is often not evident until it becomes a major issue. A small leak or a break can result in repairs costing thousands of dollars. What steps can you take to avoid sewer line damage from tree roots? Cause[...]

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  • Why Do You Need a Water Filtration System


    Like most people, you probably assume that your tap water is completely safe, even if it does have an unpleasant odor or taste. In most cases, you are probably right, since municipal water systems are required to pass a battery of tests, but in some places, there are still unsafe amounts of lead in [...]

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  • How Do You Know if You Need a New Toilet


    Do you know the last time your toilet was replaced? If you are a new homeowner, chances are you don’t. Even if you have been in your home for years, you may not remember just when the last time was that you had a new toilet installed. This appliance is one of the most important ones in your home, [...]

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  • How Do You Know if Your Sewer Line Is Damaged


    Your sewer line is one of the most important parts of your home, that is hidden away underground. Its purpose is to carry liquid and solid waste from your home to your septic tank or the local sewer system. As a homeowner, it is your job to maintain your sewer line, which can be a large undertaking,[...]

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  • 10 Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Tips


    One of the best lines of defense against clogs, leaks, and busted pipes is preventative plumbing maintenance. Keeping up with all of the systems that use water in your home and ensuring that they are well maintained can save you from unnecessary headaches down the road. By preventing potential issue[...]

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  • Why a Leak Should Never Wait


    No homeowner wants to discover a plumbing leak in the house, but once discovered it is essential to act as soon as possible and have the problem fixed by a professional. Too many homeowners make the mistake of believing a small plumbing leak or slight drip is nothing to worry about, and the problem [...]

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  • What Is a Tankless Water Heater


    Homeowners all over the Tyler, TX area are considering their options when it comes to new water heater systems for their homes. The traditional option is a tank-based system that heats water and keeps it stored in a large tank, typically situated in a basement or utility closet. These appliances are[...]

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