No one wants to call a plumber because the sink is backed up or the toilet is overflowing. One way you can prevent this emergency phone call is by making regular drain maintenance a part of your household routine. Small steps performed on a regular basis can have a big impact towards keeping your plumbing system flowing freely.

Knowing What to Leave Out

The most important part of a drain maintenance routine is knowing what items to keep out of your drains. No liquid fats, oils, or grease should find their way down your kitchen drains. Avoid disposing of coffee grounds in your sink, they can build up in crevices and coat pipes. Eggs shells are also a no, as they can cling to other waste and snowball into major clogs.

In the bathrooms reduce the amount of hair and soap scum that makes its way down the drain. Also, avoid flushing items down the toilet other than human waste and toilet paper. This includes medication and goldfish.

Daily/Weekly Maintenance

One of the simplest steps you take to keep your drains flowing is to run hot water down the sink after each use. This small step will keep soap and debris moving along your pipes. It only takes a minute to help keep your drain clean.

Once a week fill kitchen and bathroom sinks with hot water. Release the stopper and let the water flush out your pipes. The hot water will help to melt the grease that builds up in your kitchen sink.

Once a Month

It is best to avoid harsh chemicals when maintaining your plumbing. Instead, pour ½ cup baking soda and ½ cup vinegar down the drain. Plug the sink and allow it to sit overnight. In the morning remove the stopper, and flush with hot water and then cold. For more extensive buildup consider an enzymatic cleaner.

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